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AYSO’s Supervision Protocols

AYSO’s Child and Volunteer Protection Guidelines are designed to facilitate:

  • Appropriate Boundaries
  • Transparent Interactions
  • Protection of minors’ identities and privacy

AYSO recommends the follow supervision protocols:

  • At least two registered adults present at all times.
  • One registered adult for every eight or fewer children.
  • At least one registered adult of the same gender as the players.
  • No adult should ever be alone with a child other than their own, including transporting a child. When it is necessary to speak privately with a child, select a spot out of earshot but within sight of others for transparency.
  • Team Coaches are responsible for all players until they are picked up or leave the area as authorized by parents.
  • Parents must not “drop” players off at fields or AYSO activity without establishing contact with coaches.
  • No child shall be left unsupervised after a practice or game. AYSO does not recommend that children walk or ride a bicycle home alone. However, when allowed, the Coach should secure a General Release form from the parent/guardian to ensure their approval. This includes allowing a child to car pool with another parent.
  • The AYSO “Buddy” system must have at least 3 players to minimize opportunity for player-on-player abuse.

In order to prevent misunderstandings, physical contact with children should be:

  • In response to the need of the child only; intervene only as necessary for the health and safety of the child.
  • With the child’s permission, respectful of hesitation or discomfort.
  • Careful to avoid private or bathing suit areas.
  • Age and developmentally appropriate.
  • Always in the open; never in private.
  • Brief as in a hug from the side, “high five” or fist taps to signal a good job or support.

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